Friday, April 15, 2005

Friendship VS Love

Friendship VS Love

People always say that friendshi lasts forever and I guess for some that may be true. And the same people would say that nothing, not even true love ( an ideal that everyone wants to believe in), can stand in its way. But is this really true? Is that idea merely idyllic thinking or perhaps the actual fact? A friend of mine actually brought this subject to my attention and the thing is I think that it's all in the head. Ideals that may come true if one were to work on it but reality simply states that friendship is too fragile of a bond to not be affected by love. Face the facts people... it's happening all around you.

I think I should put this subject in a narrower frame...Would a group of close friends, sworn together by eternal friendship, be forever close to each other although each one starts too find the love of their life? I doubt it. It just doesn't work that way. I'm not trying the pessimist here but it's facts and I've seen it happen, to my best friend, to my acquaintances, in TV, in movies and even to me.

Both guys and gals break away from the group when they meet someone. They wanna spend more with the love of their life, the better half, the "soulmate". So I guess the rest can only sit back and either resent them or be happy for them. There's nothing else you can do about it. This is a normal phenomenon that's happening all over the globe. NOw that I think about it... it's kinda sad isn't it? It's sad that sometimes that you have to prioritise and choose which comes first love or friendship. Love can be such a powerful force *sight* (boy, that sounds so cliched.)

No wonder some people avoid marriage like it's a plague. For them it's like willingly cutting yourself off from the world and just limiting yourself to the people immediately around you. But you know... with all this in mind, why does it not turn me off from love? Hmm...

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