Sunday, April 24, 2005

Always be prepared.

"Always be prepared..." I got the full impact of its meaning today and now I'm all sweaty, tired and frustrated because of it. *sigh*

As a continuation of the 'Dripping Kettle Symbol' story the car is still not ready although after numerous calls have been and claims and assurance that the car was ready was given to the owner. Why must give out false claims that the car is ready when is as sure as hell isn't. I mean... its not like the mechanic will get something out of people driving all the way to Sungkai from Ipoh except a couple of angry car owners. If he's hoping that their car would die on the highway while getting to the workshop then they must be in Planet 'Hello! What were you thinking?!!'

SO now I hafta travel back to KL the conventional way... by bus. Yeah... I know its not so bad except the idea of stopping in Puduraya and then taking another bus to UIA while lugging a huge bag is not my idea of easy. Especially now with the sun practically an inch above our heads. And yes I know that I'm acting like a spoiled brat. I just hate travelling in the heat!

So now I guess I should de-spoil myself and get used to travelling by bus again. *sigh* Mommy... I wanna car!

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