Friday, April 22, 2005

Alone for the weekend...

So this is how it feels like when parents are away for the weekend. First time ever for me... wow... what should I do? You know what they say, when the cats are away the mice will play. Muahahahaha!

But... since most of my friends live all over Malaysia there's just no point in having a party so that's one idea out of the window. So all I can do is just sit here in front of the comouter and surf away... *sigh*

It's nice that I get a chance to feel living on my own for a change. I can wake up anytime I want and do anything I want. Aaahhh the liberty of freedom. I cant wait to get my own place. A place to call your own. But since I hafta endure a few more years of studying that dream will just have to be put on hold.

What sucks about this weekend is that it's supposed to be the last weekend of my break before I go off to campus and mom should be here to wish me off. Call me sappy and sentimental but it sucks leaving the house with no one sending you off. I'm so used to be sent off my mom that going off otherwise seems incomplete.

Well... only one thing to look forward to... the actual leaving for campus. There's not much else I can do here besides vegetating in front of the TV. Even that can get old really fast... There nothing much on TV except reruns of the same programmes. I really envy Sally, Midge, Fierah and all those living in JB. Singapore channels... Malaysian channels... Indonesian channels... Man!

So all I have planned for the weekend is to see my old friend Apash. Other than that... NADA! Oh well... just a couple more days till I'm back to the battlefield (as Kaled aptly put it) and my days of boredom shall cease.

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