Sunday, June 01, 2008

A Not-So-Typical Adventure

On a typical afternoon, two typical sisters were typically hanging out doing typical things that typical people would typically do on a typical day.

When suddenly, they heard something that was not so typical.

Me: Hey didcha hear that?
Aimee: Hear what?
Me: that... that scratching sound.

(momentary pause)

Aimee: Nope... don't hear a thing.
Me: Hmmm...

So the two sisters typically went back to doing what the were doing before. When all of a sudden...

Me: there it is again!! It's coming from the cupboard!!
Aimee: A'ah... I can hear it too. I think there's something moving around in there.

(both leans in towards cupboard, listening intently)

Aimee: (solemn faced) Big sis... I think you have a rat in your cupboard.
Me: (dramatically) NNNOOOOOOOOOOO!!

So the two sisters typically started to think of ways to solve this not-so-typical problem so that they can get back to their everyday typical actvities. Typically, they set a trap for the rat. But after several attempts, they typically gave up and moved on to a new plan. The not-so-typical rat was proving to be a much smarter rat than they typically thought. After brainstorming for more typical ideas, they were typically forced to resort to the old foolproof method of 'seek and capture'. The sisters were typically grossed out by the idea but they had no other typical choice unless they were willing to be roomies with a rat. And that idea, typically did not appeal to the sisters at all.

And so the search begins. With the help of a typically long stick, the sisters began to remove items of their typical clothing from the cupboard. The not-so-typical rat however, ensured that his not-so-typical home was well protected in case of a siege and thus as the typical sisters moved deeper and deeper into the cupboard, their senses were typically attacked by an overwhelming smell of rat pee and rat poop. Eeeyyuuuwww!!

Undeterred by this not-so-typical attack, the typical sisters ploughed on until suddenly...

Me: (Screams shrilly) There it is!! It's coming right at us!!
Aimee: Aiyeee... relax la. Penakut betul kamu ni.

Aimee, typicall being the bravest despite being the youngest, started to chase the not-so-typical rat around the room until it finally climbed up the drapes and typically escaped through the window.

Me: phew...
Aimee: Thats his home now. He can come back you know...
Me; Wha...??!! (shudders violently)

So what do you think is the typical ending for this not-so-typical drama?

The rat came back and drove the sisters out of the room for a couple of days, typically. (-_*)

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