Thursday, June 12, 2008

Are Americans really that stupid? You decide...

Found this video a while back and to this very day, it has not ceased to amaze me. I can watch it a hundred times and my reactions would still be the same... slaps forehead while going D'oh!

Now before I go on with my ramblings, do watch the video.

Oh-kay then... what do you think. I don't mean any disrespect to anybody but how can one nation have so many clueless people? How can you not know how many sides there are to a triangle?! That's like something learned when I was back in kindergarten/ pre-school.

You can excuse people who don't know general knowledge because I have met people who are so absorbed in their own world that they totally zone out from the world's on-goings. And I guess you can probably excuse people for not knowing where a certain country is although the fact that some people don't know that the country they labeled as South Korea is actually Australia is still pretty mind-boggling to me. I mean, Australia is a continent for God's sake. But how can you excuse saying that Star Wars is based on a true story?!

My fave question in the video:

What is the religion of Buddhist Monks?

... Islamic ...

*shakes head* Oh God...

Another fave moment:

I'm a little bit mixed up over the Israelis and the Palestinians. Which one is throwing the rocks?

*hangs head in shame*

This video is like complementing that Miss America Teen pageant that came up last year (refer to blog archive September, 2007 for the video). If another one of these videos pop up anytime soon then it is confirmed that an epidemic of stupidity is going around. So I suggest that people everywhere should take the necessary precautions before you actually catch 'the dumbs'.


Sarah B. said...

Hahaha...that was rather entertaining, in a horrifying way....

LiShAzNiA said...

It is isn't it. Shouls thanbk the aussies for coming up with this clip. BTW, did u watch the teen queen's video? U should... hehehe


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