Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tightlining Your Eyes

Time to jump topics again. Now its back to Makeup!

Was browsing through YouTube Howto & Style channel again when I saw this video on how to tightline. What's tightlining? Just watch the video...

Now I had no clue what tightlining was before this but I've always wondered how certain people manage to line their eyes so nicely that it makes even the sparsest eyelashes look full. No matter how I line my eyes I just cant seem to fill in the gaps between my lashes. But now... no more problems. Plus tightlining also subtly dramatizes the eyes and give you that sexy smouldering look. I love dramatic eyes!

Tightlining may seem hard, and a little scary but it's really simple to do. Just make sure you have a steady hand. If not then that fear of actually poking yourself in the eye with the eyeliner might actually come true. However, never ever use liquid eyeliner to tightline. I don't think anybody has ever managed to do that before. One other tip, for those who has watery eyes or sweat a lot (like me!), you can make your tightlining last longer by setting with a black/ dark brown powder eyeshadow. Just use a liner brush, dip it lightly in the shadow and apply it using the same technique as tightlining. Voila! your eyeliner will last longer!

Seriously whoever came up with the idea of tightlining was a genius!My eyeliner is now my new best friend.


monday173 said...

Yikes! I think if it were me, I'd definitely accidentally do a Kassim Selamat and turn blind!

Sarah B. said...

Aiya... i still had dark smudges after a few hours. I think when i blink, liner somehow hits bottom lashes (duh!) and runs down. Must be the eyeliner. How many years has the makeup industry been alive? And why haven't they perfected a pencil liner that stays put??

LiShAzNiA said...

hehehe... its easier than it looks la sweetie. I dont think I go out of the house without tightlining my eyes now.

I faced the same problem you did at first sarah but eventually I figured a way to lessen the smudges. either I use a black shadow to set the eyeliner or I dont go too heavy with the pencil liner. it seems to work so far.

Have you tried using maybelline liner? they're kinda good


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