Saturday, May 31, 2008

Bumbling Mumblings

I have finally found a way to change my blog background *Yeay!* However I have not found a way to actually make the background big enough to encompass the whole blog. So for now I'm making do with a repetitive image. So far I'm happy. It's simple enough yet I have stamped enough of my identity on the blog. Will continue tinkering though...

And I have also found out the name of my phobia. Let the world be known that I am a Hemophobic.

Hemophobia or Hemaphobia or Hematophobia- Fear of blood.

Yes I get squemish at the sight of blood. No I don't close my eyes when I watch gory scenes in movies *I can tell the difference between fake blood and real blood, you know*. And yes I am sometimes woozy at the sight of my own blood. But only when it is in large quantities *I'm not a wuss*.

Hence any career within the medical field is totally out of the question for me. Not a loss at all for me.

If any of you out there feel the urge to look up your own phobias, check out this site: The Phobia List

A HUGE congrats to Kak Umi, Umi Kelsom Nayan, for safely delivering a baby girl. Let's all welcome Nur Ameerah Dzakiyah into the world *shall post a picture of her when I go and visit Kak Umi (",)*.

Kak Umi

"A baby is God's opinion that life should go on. Never will a time come when the most marvelous recent invention is as marvelous as a newborn baby. The finest of our precision watches, the most super-colossal of our supercargo planes don't compare with a newborn baby in the number and ingenuity of coils and springs, in the flow and change of chemical solutions, in timing devises and interrelated parts that are irreplaceable."
~Carl Sandburg~


Saiful Yusnor Yusuf said...


I stumbled upon your blog while searching the 'net for "Umi Kelsom Nayan". After reading your post, it seems your "Umi Kelsom Nayan" might be the person I'm looking for. She's my classmate back in UIA during the early 1990s while we were doing our degree in English Language & Literature, but we lost contact after that. If she's the same person and you're in contact with her, could you please ask her to contact me at

Thanks and Wassalam.

LiShAzNiA said...

Sure... I'll pass on the message to her

Nor Hidayah Mustafa said...


it seems your blog is good for "connecting lost people"..i'm like saiful yusnor, coincidently found umi kelsom nayan in your blog..she was my english teacher in smstj..please send my regards to her, this is my email:



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