Friday, June 13, 2008

As the doctor prescribed... HOSPITAL!!

Aimee has DENGUE!!

Or should I say had since she's already out of the hospital. But then... the doctor still says she need to be closely monitored for the next few days so maybe she still has it. Hmm...

Anyways, bottom line is Aimee had to be hospitalised for the last 4 days because she has/ had dengue. And me, being the cute loving older sister that I am, naturally stayed with her at the hospital. You know... to keep her company and to bitch about how horrible hospital food can be no matter how much you pay them.

Note to self... never ever fall deathly ill to the point of hospitalisation so that none of my close living relatives or dear friends never ever experience the horrible torture that is the foldable metal chair. Not the most comfortable place to sleep on I tell you. In fact, I'm actually congratulating myself for being able to sleep on that horrendous contraption without hurting myself. Why? Simply because I happened to lose about a centimeter of my left middle finger due to that abomination of a chair. I owe my claw-like middle finger to that chair.

Anyways, back to Aimee... yeah she has dengue. We assume that she caught the virus when we last visited KL. My aunt's house in KL (I shall keep the location secret in fear of a panicked mob due to a fear of denggi outbreak. For those who knows where it is... shhhh!) has had its fair share of denggi victims. I think the only people who hasn't contracted the virus is the cat. And now it has claimed its latest victim, an out-of-towner from Ipoh. So last Friday the 13th *auspicious day isn't it* after a series of high fever, Aimee was admitted to Ipoh Specialist Center due to her horribly low white blood cell count. Half of what it should have been on a normal healthy person. She was put on an IV drip and close observation. Dengue if caught early is treatable although there is no specific cure for it. But what makes dengue deadly is that people can just mistake it for high fever and leave it untreated for too long.

In a way I was both worried yet at the same time I was excited. Not excited because my baby sister was sick but because this is the first time ever that somebody other than myself is the patient. I think I have been in and out of hospital more than I can remember. I've lost a bit of my finger, nearly lost a toe, had stomach virus, growth on my chest... so basically the hospital isn't so new to me. So me not being the patient this time was exciting. I think I embarassed Aimee by taking pictures of her when she was on the drip. Would definitely put them up but I might end up in the hospital again after Aimee brutally kick my ass for it.

But of course all new things will lose its charm after a while. Even the onslought of snacks given by well-wishers couldn't keep my enthusiasm for being at the hospital up. By the third night I was ready to go home! At least for me I get to go home during the day but Aimee was stuck there. Kesian dia...

Thank God she's home now though. I was really afraid that she may need to stay there for like a couple more days when she suddenly started getting a nosebleed that wouldn't stop for an hour. Selfish thoughts were running through my head then, all I wanted to do was go home and never return. But I have to be there for Aimee. My respect for my dear mum has increased tenfold because of this experience. Now I know at least a little bit of what she went through when dad was sick. Hence I really hope that none of my dear ones ever have to go through that kind of experience for me.

For Aimee, the silver lining to all this is she had 2 extra weeks off from school. Though I can't wait to see the look on her face when her teacher gives her all the homework she missed for the last 2 weeks.As for me... being in a hospital just feeds my hematophobia. Not a good thing at all! Luckily I didn't pass out when Aimee started bleeding into her IV tube. Even thinking about it makes my hands go all weak *shudders*

Moral of the story: Kill all Mosquitoes. They're baad!!

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