Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Stampeding Malaysians! Run!

Topic jump again!

I wonder if its a national phenomenon here but Malaysians do have a tendency to create a mob. All you need is a nation-wide announcement and the next thing you know there'll be a mob.

The latest mob happening in Malaysia is in conjunction with our government's announcement of motorists' petrol rebate. After that announcement the post office were jam-packed with people wanting to get their hands on the cash despite the government's announcement that this rebate can be claimed until next year.

Before that, Malaysians caused a nation-wide jam by flocking to all available gas stations to fill their tanks before fuel prices go up the next day. Thing is the government gave ample warning about the price hike and yet people still wait at the last minute.For all those who waited for nearly an hour that day for fuel, don't you think you wasted more fuel by crawling slowly in line towards the gas pump. If fuel prices are going to rise again in August, expect another nation wide jam then and avoid going through roads that have gas stations along the way.

There was also the time when PDRM wanted to give all motorists a chance and gave 50% off on all summons. And then there was that time involving MyKad. So many events, so many mobs...

These Malaysians probably mob just for the heck of it. You know... to feel the adrenaline rush or experience the hot sweaty excitement of a throng of people all wanting the same thing. But there is one thing that I notice that will really get Malaysians riled up, is if there is a mention of money anywhere in the context. If you're getting money or free stuff then expect a mob on the very first day that a notification goes into effect. If you need to shell out money then expect a crowd on the very last day.

Malaysians say that Singaporeans are Kiasu. but who's kiasu now?

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