Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Makeup Mania

It's been while since I last dabbled with one of the loves of my life. Makeup. I actually gave it up in the hopes that it wont distract me with my (lame) attempt to concentrate on my thesis writing. This blog is proof at how lame that attempt was *grins*.

So anyhoo... one night I found myself surfing YouTube for makeup techniques since I lost my fave makeup book and can no longer afford those books due to my current hiatus from work. Whoever took that makeup book of mine better give it or you shall FOREVER BURN IN HELL!! *coughs*

Yeah... I really LOVED that book. So give it back please.

Back to makeup... found this really great gal from America who does makeup tutorials on YouTube. Her makeup is fantastic since she's olive skinned and "cute" like myself, she is now my Makeup Guru. Beats having to shell out hundreds of bucks just to learn the same things that she's showing online. The only thing that sucks is that she's using all these products that is not available here in Malaysia or something that I can't possibly afford anytime soon. Sheesh... but other than that fact she's simply a pro. Check out her blog http://kuuipo1207.blogspot.com

This is one of my fave videos from her tutorials. It's a tutorial on everyday makeup which makes your face looks natural and fresh. And simple to do too. But what I simply love about this video is the fact that she's using alternative brushes, something that you can find from shops like Sasa or Elianto which wont burn a hole in your pocket. So WOOHOO to that.

Also found another gal, this time from Britain, who also does amazing makeup. Though in her case I think, partly, the reason why the makeup comes out great is because she has amazing eyes. Although the way she applies her makeup does indicate that she truly knows what she's doing. I think she's really famous in Britain. She's more friendlier though out of the two since she talks in her tutorials but I hafta warn you, her Brit accent is pretty thick...

This vid is a tutorial to make brown eyes 'pop'. Since I have a wedding to go to soon and I'm planning to wear green so I'm naturally attracted to this vid. Hopefully my eyes wont be the only ones that 'pop' that night. *lol*

Check out her blog http://panacea81.blogspot.com. Oh... and if you check out her other vids, you can probably hear her dog snoring. *lmao*

I've recently sent in a request for the two of them two show makeup tips and tricks for people who wears glasses. I'm hoping that they'll respond soon enough. My biggest problem with wearing glasses is the fact that my lashes tend to sweep against the lenses. Feels like I have my very own wiper blades.

Am gonna keep this blog updated with their works though will only be posting up my fave videos. Still looking out for more individuals who are good at this stuff. Will be great to compare their tips and tricks.

Am also kinda contemplating to start my own makeup video tutorials but we'll see. Dunno if I'm confident enuff with my work yet. *hehe*


monday173 said...

your lashes touch your lenses. Be glad that you have long enough lashes. Mine are scanty. Hahaha

ok.. Im bored...

LiShAzNiA said...

Well... long is one word to describe them. They're also poker straight. Not very becoming I tell you.

Ever decided to try falsies? hehehe...


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