Sunday, August 08, 2004

Back Home again!

I must say that it is quite a relief to be back home after all the hectic chaos of university life. Now I can just sit back and relax the peace and tranquility of home until boredom sets in which in my calculation should be in a day or two. Then I'll be restless and rearing to go back to UIA which will then undoubtedly lead back to my feeling trapped and wishing thatI was back at home. It's definitely a vicious cycle! But anyways this break is not exactly a break for me either coz There's still midterms after the break and also extra studying I have to do due to my apalling Arabic test results. Seriously this time my Arabic results are definitely a horror. I don't know what I was doing in the exams but I know now that I could have done better. At least a little better than what I did. So now I have to dedicate my hols for study! BoringNYE!!!

Anyways Sheena has been complaining that I havent been updating my blogs for a while now and She's right. I've been pretty lazy lately and I am just not in the mood to wait for an available computer with internet in campus. As i have promised Sheena and Matt I shall update my blog during this hols. So now to update people on what has been going on in my boring and otherwise dull life.

  • July 12th till 16th - English Theater Week 2004

Probably the busiest week of my whole entire life second to the days of APIPF. For a control freak and a perfectionist like me I just cant help it but personally make sure that everything is going along smoothly. I know that there were plenty of responsible and able people in my team but somehow I just got to go and see for myself. In a way this was one of the biggest mistake that I made I didn't let others have a chance to get to know how to handle things on their own and got too dependant on me. So note to self-trust others with their work! Basically everything was really happening and we even managed to make money. The only thing that got me pissed off was that people have the audacity to actually question my judgement on the winners of ETW. I know that I'm personally involved with some of the winners because they're my friends but seriously those people who made those claims should know me better. Besides, they know that the winners deserve to win. It's not like I was the only one deciding. Geez!

  • July 27th - Staging of A Midsummer's Night Dream

After all the hardwork and intensive training, the BIG day finally came. Quite a relief I must say coz I was really getting sick and tired of the whole thing. I can actually recite the lines of each and everyone's lines because we've been saying it over and over and over again. BUt now that it's over... I really miss the rehearsals and the hanging out together with the others. They're like family now. Too bad we can't see more of each other though. I had lots of fun though and I hope so did the others.

  • July 31st- Adry's Performance

This would be the first time that I've ever seen Adry dance a whole recital so I was really looking forward to it although I was kinda tired after shopping at the PC Fair. I finally got the things that I've wanted - a thumbdrive and of course a DIGICAM! Anyways, back to Adry's performance all I can say about it is that she was superb. Adry was born to dance and she certainly proved it to everyone that night. It was nice to see that everyone made the effort to come down and watch.

  • July 30th-Interview with a PERVERT!

For feature writing class I was given a group assignment to interview a public figure for a magazine profile. So my group decided to interview this Taekwondo master who is like the 9th Grandmaster of Taekwondo. He's like SO famous in the taekwondo world and in Malaysia you cant move up a belt unless his signature is on your certificate. That's how BIG he is (not to mention physically too). Anyways we were forewarned that this guy has a thing about girls and we probably should be careful but throughout the interview he was fine minus the time when he jokingly says that he has a secret phone number for his girlfriend (or was it not a joke?). But then during photography session he finally showed his true colours. While we were taking photographs he didn't even hesitate about putting his arms around our shoulders or even hugging us at the waist. Aiyaa!! So geli one! I mean I avoid going out with guys a few years older than I am but now terkena with a 60 year old man. YUCK! Just goes to show that public figures sometimes let too much power go to their heads. He didn't even answer our interview questions correctly and basically all he did was promoting himself and his dojo. Oh well... thank GOD I'm not seeing him again!

  • August 3rd- Arabic Midterm

My hell on earth. What else can I say?

Other than that life has been pretty uneventful give and take a few cherished moments with my new guy. Erk...I've gone all corny. Yeap, we've gone official. I'm sure this goes without saying for actions speak louder than words but just to be safe I thought it's better if I put it on paper (or in this case-cyberspace). Anyways... that's all the updates from me. Now I gotta go and look for stuff to return my blog to its former glory!

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