Sunday, August 15, 2004

So long peace and relaxation...

Well... tomorrow I'll be off again to KL to start my daily routine of classes, classes and oh did I mention more classes? Yeap... the semester is starting again. Not that I don't look forward to going back to KL but I definitely do not look forward to all the work that is waiting for me. Ugh... what a drag! No matter how many times I try to convince myself that its for my own good but still I ask myself why? Why did I sign myself up for so much work? I must be mad! But then again for someone who takes pride in being ironic and contradictory I know that by having work to do I'll be happier rather than having nothing to do and just hanging round my room. I'd probably die of boredom if I have nothing to do and schoolwork does not count as having anything to do. Hehe! Saja jer cari alasan malas belajar. Hehe!

Neways AF2 has finally come to an end but I doubt the fever has ended. A quote from a menteri whose name shall not be mentioned, Hotlink gets approxiamtely RM7 Million for every week of AF2. Dayyum! Luckily just now during the concert they made an announcement that they'll be sponsoring 3 lucky students in their studies in the arts field. They also plan to give away RM200,000 to charity. RM100,000 from Hotlink and the rest from Astro. But then if you consider the weekly RM7 mil that they've been for the last 10 weeks some scholarship money and RM200,000 is nothing. Little do the voters realise how much the sponsors are getting out of them. I have friends who wasted so much money just to vote for these people and by looking at the final results just now... some of the winners were'nt even half as talented as the ones who didn't win. To qoute Nina 'Looks rules over talents nowadays!' and sad to say I agree with her. But I guess the winner Zahid wasn't so bad and I think he does deserve to win. That guy worked his way up from being at the bottom of the sms ladder to the very top so good for him.

Well... this may be my last blog for a while now coz I dont know how my schedule would be after this but hopefully I'd be able to squeeze in a thought or two in the days to come. Adios!

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