Monday, August 30, 2004

A HUGE wake up call!

I've always known that my involvement in theater is pretty recent coz there's people out there who's been at it for like ages and ages. But somehow I've always thought that I have this natural knack when it comes to theater, that somehow I'm kinda good at it. I guess this was notion was backed up when people said that they liked my work and somehow professional juries deemed my work as having potential. But don't get me wrong! It's not like I've suddenly thought of myself as the nxt William Shakespeare or something it's just that well... I thought that I only needed to polish up on somethings, gain some more experience and voila... I'll be the next Faridah Merican. Boy was I wrong... like dead wrong!

Saturday night was an experience as well as eye opener for me. With Adeq's connections we managed to get complimentary tickets to watch a play called 'Misi' which was written by Faisal Tehrani(yes, the guy who dissed UIA) and was acted out by the winner of 2003 Malaysian Theater Festival-ABAD. The play was FANTASTIC. Seriously I've never watched anything that good. THe actors didn'nt even look like they were acting and the emotions that were potrayed was amazing. They make acting look so effortless. There's definitely no question how they won in the Festival last year.

Watching that kind of play was definitely something that I want to experience again and again. It's the sort of play that makes you see the beauty of art and literature and if I did pay for the ticket I wouldn't even mind if it was f*****g expensive. But what the play made me realise is that I still have a long way to go to even think about performing in Istana Budaya which is my dream! I was kinda proud when our team won the 'Kumpulan Harapan Award' During the Selangor Theater Festival but that is like nothing. We're still amatuers in every way. But it's cool... It's good to have something to work for. Now I know that after graduation I'll definitely not give up theater. I'm gonna keep at it until at least I'll be a crew at a production that is staged in Istana Budaya. Gambate!!

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