Monday, August 09, 2004

What the Heck?! We WON?!!

Remember A midsummer Night's Dream? Well... apparently we won the 'Kumpulan Harapan' Award while Titania won the 'Pelakon Wanita Harapan' Award. OH MY GOD!! I totally thought that we wouldn't win anything. God what an achievement and to think that we were an amatuer team. Although the disappointment of not actually winning is there but we were recognised nonetheless and for that I am glad. I'm also glad that I dont have to go through practice and rehearsals all over gain. I dont think I can take hearing all those lines again! They were already driving me crazy then imagine what they'd do to me now.

I wonder though who won and how did the other UIA teams did? The malay team were really good and they should at least win best actor or something. Botak was really good and the way Pie interpreted the story was fantastic. For someone who scares the shit out of girls he's pretty creative. Anyhow... I'm glad that all our hardwork really paid off. Now UIA can be proud. I hope!

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