Saturday, August 28, 2004

Easier said than done!

People are always dishing out advice and telling other people what they should and should not do. These people makes it sound so easy but do they actually know do the things that they preach? I seriously doubt it coz as the old cliched phrase goes... 'It's definitely easier said than done'.

I'm having this huge internal conflict and somehow I think I'm on the losing end towards succumbing to my inner desires. Ooh... sounds really scandalous doesn't it? Nah... far from that but lets just say that I dont trust myself enough to not do something that I've promised myself not to do. It's easy to stop yourself from doing something when temptation doesn't weaken your resolve but what if its right in front of you just begging to be taken. Now that's where the true test of endurance really lies. Seriously I just realised that my endurance is not that strong. God, please help me!

Anyways, I've taken some steps to make sure that I don't succumb to temptation and they come in the form of my 3 close friends. I'm gonna take advantage of the true meaning of that age old cliche and let my friends do the stopping for me. Hehe! Besides it's good to know that my friends care enough about me to protect me from myself :P

Other than ensuring that I dont fall into a trap of my own doing, life's been pretty sedate lately. Everyday is pretty much a routine of classes, more classes, exams, work and meeting up with Matt. Can you believe that Matt and I can actually lepak together from 5pm right up to midnight? And to think that I used to kutuk all these couples that seemed to have nothing better to do but stick by each other at all times. Now I have this voice inside my head which sound annoyingly like Fynn saying 'Tu la Shan... lain kali jangan nak kutuk orang. Kan dah terkena? Padan muka!' Why the voice of Fynn is still a mystery to me. And what about all the mushy stuff that we say to each other? Yikes... did I say all that? I didn't know I was even capable. Love can seriously alter a person! But heck... I'm not complaining. But I have definitely forgotten how time consuming and expensive being in a relationship can be sometimes. I just realised it from my fast dwindling bank account and the amounts of sarcasm that I've been hearing from my friends lately. Yeah... yeah okay so I admit I havent been up to date about their development lately but give me a break girls... I've only started dating! :)

Luckily I have a small solution about my financial problem. I've got a decent paying part time job at the Quality Assurance unit under the supervision of Dr. Nora. Now I'm a research assistant! Thanks God I got this job. I dont have to worry about transportation to and from UIA and curfews and such. So this is definitely a cushy job for me. So now it's bye-bye IIUM Holdings and Hello Quality Assurance Unit. Sorry holdings! The pay is too much for me to resist.

Now I hafta get back to my cushy but somehow boring job. I got to look for more articles about self responsibility at the workplace. It's all about raising quality standards in your work but right now I'm slacking off office time to blog. Hehe! I'm EVIL!

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