Thursday, August 12, 2004

Creepy coincidences...

I'll bet most of you are already signed up for this network community portal call Friendster. It's one big community where you can stay in touch with your friends and make new friends from all over the globe. It's pretty cool coz you get to meet new people and not to mention you can probably find all your old friends too. You know the phrase 'its a small world after all'? Well... on the internet it is. I found so many of my high school friends it feels as though we've never lost touch at all. It's also kind of weird when people that has never said two words to me before in real life suddenly starts emailing me as if we were the best of friends. I have nothing against that but it is kind of weird and after 2 to 3 messages we totally run out of ideas on what to talk about. Guess that's why we never talked in real life before this.

But talking about weird... I met this guy the other day through friendster and the similarities between us was quite creepy. Dont get me wrong coz he's a cool guy and all and he seems kind of sweet but the coincidences was quite unsettling. Firstly he messaged me because he noticed that we went to the same primary school when we were both in UK. Although he went years before I did but still there was a link. Then after reading his profile I noticed that when he was form 4 and 5 he was in a high school in Balik Pulau which where I was when I was in form 4 and 5. But it doesnt stop there. He also told me that once he was in a play called jeng... jeng... jeng... 'A Midsummer Night's Dream!'. Yikes! He also lives in Ipoh at one point and his name is exactly the same as my cousin's name. Woah... Although all these coincidences are just what they are-coincidences but they kind of make me wonder.Hmm...

But anyways, like I said he's kind of sweet and he sounds like a nice guy. I'm kinda looking forward to see wether there's more coincidences between us. (twilight zone theme song!) :P

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