Monday, May 26, 2008

Graffiti is ART!!

Graffiti has never been considered art. I don't know why but it seems that for most people graffiti is just scribblings on the wall that deface properties and 'uglify' conformity and uniformity. This mindset is too outdated. I think its high time people change this perspective.

Graffiti in a way, is like a blog. It's a means of expression in which you express with your art rather than your words. Art is no longer for art's sake nowadays. In today's world... art speaks. And for those creative artists, they show the world what they're thinking of in the graffiti.

A few months back, KL had an extensive display of graffiti art all along the bank walls of Sungai Klang (I think its Sungai Klang, correct me if I'm wrong), which can be seen clearly from the Pasar Seni Putra LRT. They were great works of art, colourful and tasteful. No vulgarity, no offensive words or pictures. They actually made the grey, drabby sights of the dirty river nice to look at. But most importantly they send out a message to the community. Look closely and you'll see messages against rape, truancy in school, and war. What more could you ask for in art?

But alas... since to some people graffiti is still considered graffiti, they were painted over with white paint. The pictures below are a tribute to the nameless artists who wents against the norms and helped beautify the ugly sights of KL. Even if the government doesn't appreciate you, we the normal citizens of the city does.

Now these amazing creative expressions are gone but "The MAN" can never hold the people down. It may take some time to get back the cool graffiti wall that was there before but I see there are already people working on it. I wish them the best of luck and hopefully someday the Great Graffiti Wall of Klang River will be returned to its former splendour.

Rape the Walls, Not The Kids!!

*pictures taken from HWC, at

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