Friday, May 16, 2008

Pathetically Single?

Who's more pathetic? A lone person at the cafe, sipping coffee and reading a book all alone or a couple who's holding hands, are loving and yet their lives only revolves around each other? Which would you prefer?

I fall into the former category. I'm very much single though not for the lack of trying. I guess there's nobody out there at the moment that is just right for me. So yeah I do go to cafes alone to enjoy a latte or two. I can stay there for hours enjoying a good book or surfing the internet amidst the busy buzz of coffee lovers. I also enjoy shopping, going to the movies, the theater and once in a while a poetry gig or movie shorts previews. And yes... I dont mind doing all these activities alone.So why out of 10 people, 8 would deem me pathetic?

Being single in a couple-oriented world is like social suicide. Like a zit on an otherwise blemish-free skin. You can really get rid of it but its there, sticking out like a sore thumb. Only time can actually rid the world of the zit. Time or a really good pimple cream.

Could it be that the idea of being fabulously single (fabulously single as in enjoying life even though you're not a half in a couple) as pathetic is just another indication that people are merely afraid of those who are independant and happy. Or perhaps jealousy that people actually do enjoy life beyond what couple-dom holds.

So anyways, if my enjoying my own company is considered pathetic then so be it. Then I am pathetic and loving it!

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