Saturday, May 17, 2008

Whitney-First ever Full Figured Model to win ANTM

Whitney - the first ever full-figured model to ever win America's next top model. As much as I applaud the fact that a normal looking woman was chosen as a winner for once, I cant shake the feeling that somehow her win was just a gimmick. A marketing ploy to boost up ratings for the show. Yeah sure she's HOT and take undoubtedly great pics (sometimes) and totally killed the Versace runway but one cant dismiss the fact that she was nearly sent home 4 times. Plus her rival Anya constantly gives fantastic pictures. Rumours has it that Tyra wants a full-figured model to win coz she too has luscious curves.

But that being said, lets just hope that Whitney maintain her full-figuredness and not turn out to be another wafer, stick-thin model after being in the fashion industry. Lots of luck Whitney!!

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