Sunday, July 31, 2005

Are people just waiting for an excuse to fight?

People in the world nowadays are just waiting for the slightest excuse to fight. Last time it was the 9/11 incident and war instantly broke out. Now with the London bombing incident racism issues are back on the rise. One bombing was bad enough but two... it's a miracle that any Muslim or any non caucasion person will ever set foot on British soil anytime soon.

I guess it has never been settled... just hushed down I guess. So since the bombing and all these Pakistanis have been arrested people think that's okay to just go round and kill people who were different than they are. Because of that one black guy has been murdered in broad daylight. It's just insane! What does most people say about this? Oh... it's just to be expected. Well it shouldn't be. Taking the lives of others is not a privilege that man was supposed to have. It is the right of God and God's alone.

People are full of violence now. You can see it in the things that we play with. Computer games designed for teens are all about killing or mutilating people and the gorier it is the more it sells. Take Counter strike for example... it's a game where you go round killing all the other opponents. What does that teach to teens?

In a way I'm glad I'm in Malaysia where tradition bounds most aspects of life. I dont know how I'll live in a country where it's normal for high schoolers to have guns and teens look and act older than they really are. But saying that... there are aspects of that nations that I'd definitely would love to adopt but tradition and customs would never allow these 'budaya kuning' to ever gain foot in Malaysia.

People live in fear and the more we don't know about something the more we fear it. But does that mean wo should kill those that we fear. What if that thing we fear was in fact a blessing and can be put into good use. Sometimes ignorance is bliss... but not at the expense of others.

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