Sunday, July 24, 2005

Boredom grips even tighter...

My granny finally leaves. So that's one less burden of my shoulders. No more early morning to cook her breakfast, no more toiling away and wringing my brains trying to figure out what she wants to eat, No more running around doing her errands and most importantly... I have FREEDOM!

I can now go out whenever I want without the fear of her falling down or something. I can go out with friends or my sister or mama and we wont have to rush home to ensure that her food is ready by the time she wants to eat. Note- when she wants to eat, not when we usually have our meals, which means we can never predict when she wants to eat therefore we have to always stay home and be at her beck and call.

So she's in KL and now I can enjoy my vacation. Finally!

Then again... I am now faced with a new dilemma. What am I to do with all that free time? I've looked for a job and still I have no answer from any of the places I asked. No money so I cant zoom around town doing anything that I really want to do or buying anything that might take the bite out of this sheer boredom. *screams* I nead something to do!!!

Right now I am even happy to do my mom's schoolwork. YIPPEE!!! How exciting.

Enough with news of my boredom coz I can go on and on and on so on to happier news. Matt came down last Saturday as promised and everything was great. Had lunch at the house, chatted with the family (even with my granny), joked with Aimee and sampled my homemade pizza (which could've been perfect if I didn't run out of mozzarella cheese and had to make do with cheesedale instead). After lunch and a short rest we went to Coffeebeans for a drink and some much needed privacy. I really missed the guy but most of all I missed his company. I miss having a conversation that doesn't revolve round food, cleaning and house work. He kept me from going insane and for that the world whould thank him. Haha!

Although we weren't together during our 1 year anniversary so we thought of this as a post celebration. He was really sweet. Quite a big event for a guy who's never been in a relationship longer than several months. As for me I'm just happy that I'm with a guy who loves me for me. All I wish for now is for us to always be together.

Other than the cheesedale flaw on my pizza the day was perfect. *sigh* now I'm back to never knowing when I might see him next. That SUCKS!

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