Wednesday, July 06, 2005


Results are out. Everything is great. Working is a bore. UIA sucks. I have worked extra hours and there might be a chance that I'm not gonna get paid for them. so again UIA SUCKS!

Graduation is not as hyped up as it seems. Very anti climax. Truth is it's a bore. Have to find me a job if I dont to waste away while waiting for my next enrolment. BLEARGH! Life sucks at the moment.

I wanna go and watch War of the Worlds but don't wanna go alone. Too chicken maybe. Should I or shouldn't I? How pathetic am I? Where are my friends?!!

There's nothing on the net. Nothing to do. No money so no talk. Aarrghhh!!

So this is life according to a girl who's bored out of her wits. Someone just shoot me... PLEASE!!

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