Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Job hunting...

Went job hunting today. Even got myself an interview tomorrow. Never thought that it was kinda fun. I made loads of mistakes on each and everyone of my application though. o What the heck... It's only temporary. Just hope that TGV or MPH would call back tho. It'd be fun to work at those places. Two of my most favourite places in the world.

Other than that it was the usual fast food outlets. Nothing spectacular. There were plenty of vacancies but due to our ongoing racial prejudices and discriminations many of those opportunities were closed off to people like me. The MALAY and tudung wearing type. I dont see the significance of having a chinese sales assistant when the shop is open to all Malaysians no matter the race or religion. These people must have the phrase birds of a feather flocks together as their life's mantra or something.

So tomorrow is an interview with Kenny Rogers though as much as I want to hold out for my two choices I cant be picky. They may never even call. I just need some activities to do for the next 3-4 month and some cash to tide me over. Other than that I'm great (oh and not counting me being my grandma's nursemaid which sucks by the way since her so-called ailments are getting worse and worse).

Another thing to look forward to... My stranger coming down all the way from KL just to see me. It's really sweet of him since I know he's gonna be pooped by the time he gets back to uni that nite. 3 hour bus ride to and fro can still drain even the well-rested man. Knowing Matt... he'll probably stay up all Saturday nite playing games or sumthin. But still... can't wait to see him. I have the menu for lunch all lined up and all it needs is the actual execution of cooking. Yeehaa!

One good thing about being a nursemaid... I'm forced to buck up my cooking skills.

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