Monday, July 18, 2005

Nursemaid... refill my water bottle!!

God to think that I came back to turn myself into a nursemaid. *sigh* Well didn't I wish for something to do until November? Being a nursemaid to my hypocondriac grandma is certainly NOT one of them!

Yeah... yeah all you people are gonna say that she's old and she's sure to have some illness and disabilities here and there and I accept that but trust me at times you know she's exxagerating. She eats very well (rice 3 times a day mind you) for someone who claims to the doctors that she cant eat much because of stomach pains. And she certainly gets around a lot for someone who claims she's gonna drop dead any day now. The only troubling ailing disease I see right now is the fact that she's bored and typical of any bored person, you sleep a lot. But no... she tells the doctors that it is a serious disease and needs to be cured. So there I am in the clinic listening to her explaining to the doctor about one threatening disease after another and I cant say anything in case I offend her feelings.

As far as grandmas go she's not exactly the typical grandma figure that you see in movies or hear in stories but she's not exactly the cold, heartless grandma either. But she's definitely finicky and loves to complaint. And because of thet she's landed with us. Probably the only family that can tolerate her. Still she's managed to stir up some uptight feelings in my mom and my sis.

As for me I think it's best that I find a job as quickly as I can before I get fed up with her and end up hurting her feelings. She wont like it coz she'll be losing an ear to moan and groan to but hey... I think she'll live. I just need to get out of the house before I combust from utter boredom or from overeating. Oh did I mention that She refuses to eat unless someone eat with her. So if any of you see how I ballooned I am during the break. You'll know why.

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