Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Marriage... It's an epidemic!!!

Everywhere I turn everybody is doing it. If not downright marriage it's an engagement. It's like the bubonic plague where everybody just can't help but get the disease (no offense, but to me it is like a disease). And what's funny is that all these people that you just never thought would get married first or get married at all would be the first to get hitched. Teaches you to never take things at a surface level huh...

Oh well... I'm happy for them (seriously I am). I'm not too demented to actually run away from my friend's weddings but it's kinda sad when I see all these people who had to sacrifice a whole lot coz of babies and husbands. I just think that it's far too early for most of these people to settle down. They had soo much potential. They could've changed the world!! But then again it must be nice to legally be with that someone you love. *sigh* It sure beats having complete strangers coming at you asking "are you guys married?" and "do you know what you're doing now is indecent?" Ah... fuck you and your hypocrisy. You people are just jealous! I know that ur kids are doing the same thing and there you are sticking your noses up other people's business. Marriage would mean that you can show them the finger and say "ko pedulik apa? I'm married!".

Got to give these people credit though (those getting married early). I mean you meet so many people in your life and these people would definitely offer a lot of temptation. It's hard enough when you're just in a relationship and trying to mantain that relationship but when you're in a marriage and that person you married is gonna be your partner for the rest of your life, temptation is way harder. All these question whether you'll be bored of him or whether it will last will definitely come up. But then again, love conquers all rite? I also have to give them credit for wanting to avoid things that might complicate life a lot further like 'kena tangkap basah' or illegitimate babies.

I'm no commitment phobe and I do wanna have a husband and kids someday but I just cant see that someday to be anytime soon. I wanna achieve things first. Get my life on the right track. And to do this you might have to do stuff that might make marriage suffer and that's shit. You shouldn't have to sacrifice your marriage for your dreams. So to make it work... something gotta give and perhaps for me marriage can wait.

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