Sunday, April 16, 2006

Sad... sad day!

It's a sad, sad day when you're barred from going to your own best friend's engagement. Not from weather or the fact that she lives miles and miles away abroad but just because your mom told you so. *sigh*

Yeap... just like a typical Asian mom she put her foot down and said "NO! You can't go. Just do what I say!" Reason for this? Too flimsy too even warrant as a reason. And me being the typical Asian girl living under a parent's roof HAS TO listen to whatever the "RULER" says and in this case it's my mom. *long sigh*

So my best friend goes through her engagement with her bst friend absent. Yeah... yeah it may not sound like a big deal but to me it is. When I get engaged I would want my best friend to be present. Especially if your best friend is the only person besides your significant other who truly understands what you go through in life. For someone like me having my mom around during a critical moment of my life aint enough. My mom is not exactly my friend. My mom is my mom. An authority not to be dealt with.

My presence at her engagement wont probably effect much of the proceedings since I'm nobody but I think it would've meant a lot if I were there to give her encouragement. Getting married aint another step in life. It's a big leap. Especially now when you're still in uni. *another long sigh* But what's a girl to do. There's no way around it. Giving my mom the silent treatment aint gonna change her mind (trust me I tried it) and banging all my doors and stuff wont get me anywhere either, I'll probably get into more trouble.

So here I am on Sunday babysitting my baby sis with a bunch of other 15 year-olds while they go through their maths lesson. Ladeedaa! How exciting! I'm all teary-eyed with happiness. I'm sure this beats getting all dolled up, meeting up all my friends and eating good food at a party anytime! (Oh please, someone just kill me now!)

I vow that someday IF I have kids I will NOT rule over them with the iron claw regime. They shall be my friend and no matter what I do I shall be a cool mom! SO HELP ME GOD!

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