Tuesday, April 18, 2006

On my own!!

Being on your own is definitely liberating! No one to tell you what to do... criticise the way you dress or eat and you can pretty much do exactly what you want whenever you want. I guess being forced to stay at home for the weekend has its uses. I am definitely more relaxed than the last 4 months. *shudder* I do not even want to think about the things I went through last semester. The worst semester of my life. Beats even the time when I was in high school and that was before I can rant and rave on blogger.

I am definitely ready to have my own place. Or at least somewhere I live by my own authority and nobody else can intrude upon it. I am so jealous of Fynn for having her own place. I WANT ONE TOO!! Living on your own is a true sign that you're finally an adult. That you're independant and can stand on your own two feet. But yeah, I chose this life so it's time for me to live with it as sad as it may be. I just wish that people dont look at the 'student' status as a sign to boss me around. It's like being a student means that people can look down on you thinking you don't know any better coz you're still learning. Hell No! I'm learning coz I wanna make more money later on in life with my skills. Better to do it now rather when I'm old and greying. I wanna get on with life so it's easier if I get studying out of the way and then move on.

Aaarrrggghhh!! Just a few more days left of bliss and then back to UIA. Back to studying and assignments and constant worry if my grades are okay (results will be out tomorrow after 4pm. YIKES!!). Thank God that MA's are only a couple of years. I dont think I can take it if it takes as long as the undergrad level. I wanna start earning money and start building my own life. I wonder if I'll miss anything when I start living on my own. Probably the easy living I guess;P I mean living with your parents means you dont hafta worry about bills too much hehe! But other than that... nah! Okay maybe my family but I need freedom (I'm a girl after all). I need room to spiritually grow. Being home you're pretty much shaped by your parents. I need my own place so that I can live being me and not a version of what your mom wants you to be.

As always the case with time, when you look forward to something time tends to slow down and when you dread something time tend to speed up. Although a year aint that long, to me it seems like a very, very, very long time indeed!

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