Monday, March 27, 2006

OCD? More like prejudice.

This is taken from a so-called friend's blog. Why did I take it? Let's just say that since she wanted to shout out to the world how she felt, I felt "What the heck... might as well help her spread the word around" (Please read this as sarcastically as you can.) Seriously, I am SOOO tempted to put down her details and expose this self-proclaimed bitch for who she really is (she really knows how to put up a sweet front) but I thought... NAH! Why stoop down to her level. She's in a spot where you can't get any lower.

I'm re-posting her blog coz I wanna show to you what a real prejudiced person is like. To author of blog-if you ever come across this page, it's NOT OCD. Obesessive-Complusive Disorder is when you cant control your need to do something like clean and rearrange stuff. What you have is pure, plain prejudiced. I don't wanna spoil the spurise for all of you so I'll just post it up now. But PLEASE leave comments about the blog. I'd like to hear what you have to say. Who knows maybe I'm just over reacting.

what is? Obssessive Compulsive Disorder. on what? fatty, fatso, whutever.. yeap i have OCD when it comes to fat people (girls, to be specific). to those my girl friends.. i'm sorry but i really am. let me jsut be blunt to u guys... i cannot stand them around me, i feel like kickin' their fat ass( imagining they gonna fly high above the sky..and me sayin' bye bye loser..). for one thing, fat ppl are very slow in thinking.they hardly do things accordingly and they are smelly! i cant stand being around fat people not because i felt intimidated (because i'm skinny) but its just the feeling that i hardly explain. i feel like vommiting when they approach me.

most fat girls i know are way too mean to be a human. they should have become a pig or something. or maybe they were..and reincarnated to be human..because god felt sorry for them.. Speaking of sorry, there goes another reason for me to hate them. They always take advantage on the fact that they are fat. People wud symphatize them. and because of that sympathy, they always have this think sense of sensitivity in them..people never say direct to their face.. "eee.. u're so fat".. but when it comes to skinny ppl, they'll go " so skinny..why, dun eat arr?" stupid asshole..some people have high metabolism, stupid numbnuts! although, i couldnt care less bout those who said i'm skinny..they're just jealous that i can fit in any clothes..MNG..ZARA..this and tht..but them..they have to go to Miss Read..(the auntie kinda clothes).

I hate fat people (fat bitch to be precise) because of Sue..she's fat. a fat whore who sells top up cards who thinks she's hot. She claim her self to be a japanese mix.. (although i dun see it). Perhaps the Sumo part. she's indirectly tryin' to tell the guys that her ancestor is a Sumo Wrestler..ehhehehe. Yes i have to be mean. I discriminiate fat girls.

I hate fat girls because they claim they have 38 cup..yeah like D or F or G, maybe! yeah whutever.. u even have to put deodorant under ur breast..not just armpit!

Some of the fat girls ( my fat friends) claim themselves as the hottie..they can sleep with anyone anytime.. yeah sure.. u got to lift up ur fat so that the guys can see ur pussy.. hahahaha (gross thought).. your pussy is covered up with your jelly belly and its smelly. Why did they do such thing? to boost up their confidence..confidence ma ass!!!

Last but not least.. dear Ireina or whutever ur name is.. my bf told me this funny story about her (which i cant reveal or i'll be dead).. yeah well, look urself at the mirror.. u're nothing but a big time fat whore who's a phaedophile (screw the spelling, i have no time for proper English here).

In, **** and **** have this thing about fat people.. (again, fat girls).. suma orang gemok bodoh! hehehehehe.. (we have the evidence based on the claim)..

So that was it guys... the blog that made everyone's day (again, as much sarcasm as you can muster). The sad part about this whole thing was that she was a really close friend and now I wonder, what was she really thinking all this while? What I really cannot forgive us the fact that she has hurt the feelings of so many people especially those who didn't deserve to be hurt. Irony at it's best when a self-proclaimed big mouth bitch, who puts on a mean front while in reality she's mommy's little girl, calls other people a meanie.

Please people, just tell me what you think. It'll be great to hear what other people have to say.

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