Thursday, April 20, 2006

On being fat...

It's nice to know that famous people like J.K Rowling (Author of Harry Potter series) would say something about fat issues. Yes... she's very much against it. Check out her official site Damn interesting site... tells you all you need to know about Harry Potter (if you're a potter mania like me) and about the author herself. There's also stuff like diaries and articles so it also acts somewhat as he personal blog. Anyways, in this particular article she mentioned that all a long-time-no-see acquaintance said when they met was "hey, u lost weight!". That friend didn't acknowledge the fact that she published a book and just won an award (they were at a book awards ceremony which J.K. Rowling just won something). So all she replied was "Yeah well, I just gave birth at that time."

This story reminds me of so many incidents that I have to go through whenever I meet old friends or old acquaintances though in my case they exclaim "my, you're looking healthier than ever" (healthy=fat). Why is it that people when they have nothing else to talk about start picking on other people's weight. It's bad enough that the recipient of the criticism has to be reminded that she's getting fatter, it's even worse when the exclaimation is done in front of loads of people. And again these same inconsiderate people wonder why everybody else has low self-esteem.

This also goes back to that blog that so-called friend of mine wrote. She probably goes through the same thing as I do though people would probably say "OMG, You're so skinny!!" but seriously in her case most would probably ask, "what's your secret? I need to lose ___ pounds" seeing the fact that skinny is the IN look nowadays. No matter if you're skinny or fat, the mater being pointed out to your face is still rude. So don't do it. Soemtimes when it goes on too long stuff like THAT blog would happen. And the next thing you know prejudice is popping up everywhere against fat/skinny people. I think that's why Pink wrote "Stupid Girls".

"Stupid Girls" by Pink is a really cool song (J.K. Rowling thinks so too-yeah, i think she's gonna be my new role model now ;P). There's too many stupid girls out there nowadays. I've seen girls starving themselves and doing stuff to their bodies just so that people would think them "pretty". But seriously it's all inside yourself. One of my best friends is extremely popular with guys but she would never fit into the category of typical skinny model look. In fact she's quite curvy and even before this she was a few pounds heavier, she still attracted loads of guys. ow did she do it? CONFIDENCE!! If I had half the confidence she has, then I'm all set to CONQUER THE WORLD (oops, I didn't say that out loud did I?) I mean... I'm all set.

If only people could open up their eyes and see the beauty within. I doubt that all these people nowadays saying that they don't care how their partners look like as long as they have a great personality, is all bullshitting really. Probably 1 out of 10 is telling the truth coz I've seen extremely good looking guys and gals with not so good looking partners. But look at that show "Average Joe", not once has the girl ever picked an average Joe which proves my point that people nowadays are mostly superficial.

Till that day of non-existant superficiality comes I shall wear my skepticism proudly and pronounce to the world "SO I'm FAT! Deal with it!"

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