Sunday, January 02, 2005


I don't know why but recently I've been so MALAS to blog. Even now actually. And to think that I'm missing out on expressing my views on a lot of stuff like the Tsunami, the PM cancelling out on the New Year bas (which I think is a splendid idea), the ELC agm and not to mention the NEW YEAR (Happy new year everyone!).But I just couldn't bring myself to sit in front of the monitor and type.

There has been some stuff happening in the past week that really brought me. Shit that don't usually happen to me and when it does I just feel like crawling under a rock and fossilize. Even thinking about it makes me cringe. Now this is what happens when you have an ego bigger than the grand canyon. I hope that the day will come when I can look back on the incident without cringing and actually gain something from it. Now I just wanna die of humiliation and embarassment.

Yeah I sound selfish at the mo considering that there's thousand of people out there wh just lost their family in the tsunami and I really feel bad about it. In fact my sis was in Penang when the tsunami hit and thank god that nothing happened to her. I guess what I'm writing right now would definitely have a different note to it if something did happen to her.

See... that's the problem with most of us. When something bad happens to other people we symphatize and try to help out as much as we could but I don't think we really understand to what extent the tragedy really is. So we live on with our lives and somewhat feel indifferent with what is going on. But I'm glad to see students participating in the tsunami relief unit. Nina will be going on Monday and in a way I envy her. She's actually doing something about while here I am a parody of what I myself has just written. It's no use giving excuses because it's all in a matter of principle of will.

Accordint to some these are just minor signs that the END is near. In a way I have to agree. This year alone Malaysia has gone through so many obstacles. The Bird Flu, the Tsunami, and the floods in Kelantan just to name a few. In fact I received a sms from a friend which shows that tsunami is actually an acronym for Tuhan Suka Uji Namun Ada Masih Ingkar. After getting that message I really sat down and think.

So now is just a matter of whether I have the will to change or not. On whether I want to change or not. I wish all the best to all the people out there who have started on their New Year's resolution. I pray fr strength for everyone to carry through what they mean to do.

p.s. On a more happier note, I finally got myself a new phone. Nothing fancy but cool enough for my very 1st adult looking phone.

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