Friday, January 28, 2005

Case of the EX!

Why! Why! WHY!

Why must my asshole of an ex must find himself a girl HERE in UIA?

Why! Why! WHY!

Why must he be a huge stupid speck in my already messed up life? I don't need him around right now.

And why am I so bothered with him being around? I know I don't love him or even like him anymore. I abhor him! I hate him. He ruined my life.

Wait... I know why. Because he's happy someone else. He DOES NOT deserve to be happy. He should suffer because he made me suffer. ANd that asshole still owes me money.

Time and time again I've said to myself just go up to him when he's with his new girlfriend (mind you I'm way better looking than she is) and demand my money back. I mean he got himself a car so why can't he pay me back my money. But... I can't. I couldn't do that. It's not that I pity the asshole (Hell! he deserves all the shit that the world can heap on him-Geez what did I see in him in the first place?!) but more so I pity the girl. She doesn't deserve to be hurt.

But then again I might be doing her a favour by exposing what a prick her boyfriend really is. And not just a prick but a money sucking leech. In due time he'll suck her dry.

So how?

Dilemma... dilemma... dilemma

I really need help here... please... anybody?

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