Tuesday, January 25, 2005

I know that my blogs have been rather depressing lately and to top it off I just haven't had the mood to update. Not that I want to but because my heart isn't up to it.

The only highlight of my life right now is Matt and the idea that soon I'll be leaving this dreaded place. A place where life started out good and sweet but then pain and depresssion lurking around every corner pounced to leaving its mark upon you.

Still... I'm trying to think positive. Who knows that within the limited time that I have now things might turn around. All I ask is that someday this issue which have been bugging me will someday be settled. Until the issue end then shall my life no longer be a lie. No longer a mask to the world that deep inside I'm much more vulnerable than I seem to to be.

And I'm happy to see those that I care about being happy. I just someday these people will understand why I feel this way.

Just another few months to go and I'm out of here. Away to start over a new life. To turn over a new leaf.

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