Thursday, July 22, 2004

F**K You cheaters!!

What's with you people and cheating? Why do you guys have to put so much grief on other people by playing with their hearts? Why can't you people just make up your minds and save everyone the grief? Why do you guys have to cheat?

Maybe some of you are pondering why with the sudden enraged rantings. Well... that is how I am. I'm enraged. I'm mad. A friend of  mine has just become a victim of infidelity today. What's even worse it was done by another close friend of mine who should've known better. Now, I feel pissed at the guy as well as torn between my loyalty to the girlfriend and the boyfriend. I can never deny that sometimes a relationship can turn sour and not work out but I wholeheartedly disagree on anyone using that excuse to cheat on another person. Why can't people just get to grips about yoiur failing relationship and just end it and not put more salt on a wound by going out with someone else without ending the first one.


Cheaters are assholes and do not deserve any respect. I am not saying this because I'm enraged on behalf of my friend but I'm writing this because I know how it feels to be cheated. I've had experience wioth these things. Although the pain may not be as deep as how others would feel but the effect is rather permanent. The effect is distrust. You just can't help but doubt the words of thers especially those who want to be with you. I should know because that's what I'm going through right now. And believe me it is definitely unfair towards those who are sincere and wants to be with you. But because of cheaters they are punished.


So i implore all of you. Don't cheat!

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