Thursday, April 01, 2010

Happy 25th Birthday! Wait se minit. 25? Again?

To all April Fool's baby,

I dedicate this video to you so that you'll all start your birthday depressed and suicidal. So when your friends play crappy jokes and mean pranks on your special day, your mood can't get any worse. To any of you planning April Fool's jokes on me, I swear I'll unleash the power of 'It', the clown, on you.

And yes, I'm 25 again this year.


/ (^_^) \ ... said...

kak shan!!!
happy birthday!!!
semoga kak shan dimurahkan rezeki selalu=) and yes, i agree, you are still 25!!;) cause that will make me still 24..hehe;p

Oh anyway, 1st April is also my niece's birthday.Ain nama dia. She's two yrs old, still very small. first reaction masa tau dia lahir on 1st April was.."heheh..sian ain..mesti tiap tahun kena April fool";p Errmm kak shan ada sbrg tips tak utk sy bgtau Ain bile dia dah besar nanti?Hee;p

joegrimjow said...

appy 25th besday
tau pon dari GB

Narcoleptic Insomniac said...

Fasyu: Aww TQ Fasyu. I really appreciate it. My tips for your niece? No. 1, Terima je lah apa2 yg berlaku dengan hati terbuka dan senyuman lebar. Coz kalau melenting lagi orang buat jahat. 2nd tip, prank others before other people prank you :P

Joe: The fact that you came, read and actually left a comment on my blog is probably one of the best birthday present I could ever wish for. Thanks so much!!

ZACK ENTRY said...

happy besday..hav a nice day..=)

hafiezamoyok! said...

happy bufday kak shan :) may u have a blast one! :)

Sarah B. said...

Hahahahaha.... Happy 25th!!! LOTS OF HUGS AND KISSES!


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