Friday, April 09, 2010

And IIUM shall be proud...

Remember the entry 'Be my Guess?'. I'm 'guest'-ing that entry really cracked most of you up. And since I have been in desperate need of cheering up of late, I've decided to share more funny liners that my friends and I have spotted throughout IIUM during our study years. If IIUM were to find out about this post I'll probably be in deep sh*t.

But what the heck. Onwards with the funnies!

Taken from a 'Go Green' poster

This is neither British nor American spelling. Please note wriggly red line whenever you type something. It's wriggly & red for a reason.

Taken from IIUM PC Fair

"Promote! Promote! 1 day only. If you don't come now I cannot promote you. "
(Also note that 's' has somehow disappeared from 'unit'. Ashamed to be in the same poster as 'special promote' perhaps?)

Taken from an IIUM Bazaar

The word makan in inverted commas suggests so many different meanings for those with the "imaginative" minds. Give a teen an opportunity and they'll amaze you with his/her perverseness.

Taken from an ad in IIUM

Never mind all the grammatical mistakes. Concentrate on "Are you 'in' Harry?" *LoL* I told you, give any opportunity for perverseness and it shall happen.

Taken from a poster in IIUM

Anybody care to sign up? Tools needed for the workshop: long trench coat, dark sunglasses, cap and running shoes.

Taken from a 'Maintain Cleanliness' poster in IIUM

Decoy (taken from Oxford Dictionary):

1. a bird or mammal, or an imitation of one, used to lure game.
2. a person or thing used to mislead or lure someone into a trap.
3. a pond from which narrow netted channels lead, into which wild duck may be enticed for capture.

So are we supposed to use a bird/ mammal to clean as we go? Or mislead someone when we want to clean? Or perhaps jump into a pond full of ducks after we clean? Hmmm...

Taken from a sign at one of the IIUM cafetarias

To check if you are a male, you must ensure that you have extra hanging appendages in between your crotch. If in doubt please do not hesitate to ask the nearest persons next to you. If in further doubt please go to the nearest administration office and drop your pants for further clarification.

So there you go folks. Hope you all had a good laugh. And please don't hesitate to point out further funny liners if ever you see one. We all could always do with a good laugh or two :)

*pics courtesy of Zetty Amny. She and I had plenty of good laughs over these few pictures .*


cali said...


oh my. how can we not love this holy landddddd ! haha

ninaneno said...


thanks. i'm totally relieves from my FYP stress by the very last picta.

cant imagine if a person needs a comfirmation dat he's a male by following ur advice. it is very "useful" actually.


Silent Scribbler said...

Salam, Shan. Ha ha ha ha, this is your best entry ever! :-)

Aus MeLankoLik said...

hahahak , aku ade gk g uia ,
tak pasan mende2 tu semua..hahhak..

owh , malu nye . hhaahak

Zeti Zainal said...


Ok itu jek mampu cakap.Hahahahahha.

Nevertheless,I still love UIA. For better of worse!!

blue grouse said...

people make mistakes la.hehe.

ardinihumaira said...

before sitting, make sure u are male?

ohhh naseb baek before comment make sure u are mal.. haha.... gurau je

zuliana_me said...

Haha..lawak amat! U got all these from IIUM? WOW..Ermm..enuf said.

nourelain badaruddin said...

hilariouss!! lol


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