Wednesday, March 31, 2010

And the award goes to...

Whenever I bloghop I always wonder about those award icons that some people have on their blogs. I'm like "how do I get one of those? Do I enter a competition? Do I need a gazillion followers just to get one of those icons? I want one!"

Yes folks, I am one of those narcissistic people that need to feed their self-esteem constantly.

But finally! I got an award. Woohoo! My self-esteem is hitting the roof. So thanks to dear Kak Aisyah I finally have an icon to show off. Kak Aisyah, you're the best!

However as recipients of this award, I am bound to certain rules.

Rule no. 1: Accept the award. *gladly*
Rule no. 2: Write 7 stuff about myself that people should know. *Aiyoo now this is the hard part. What to write aaa?*

7 Things you should know about me.
  1. I'm a Master Procrastinator. Things that I can finish off today, I can postpone till the next month. This post was started at 2.30pm, 26th March 2010. It is now 1.20am, 31st March 2010. So yeah, I have truly mastered the art of procrastinating.
  2. Sleep is my defense mechanism. The more I worry/ stressed/ depressed/ mad/ suicidal, the more I sleep. It's probably one of the main factors why I procrastinate so much.
  3. Sometimes I cepat perasan. Okay, I am not gonna elaborate on this. Korang paham-paham sendirilah.
  4. I'm a hopeless romantic masquerading as a heartless pessimist. I still dream that someday I'll meet my soulmate.
  5. I indulge the bimbo in me by regular dosage of America's Next Top Model and Project Runway. I've yet to miss an episode of these two shows.
  6. I am an Asian drama addict. Theme of choice: The love dynamics of younger guy & older woman.
  7. I think I might end up as a 'cougar' someday.

And since I have done my part, I shall now pass on this award to those who are just as deserving.
  1. Sarah Bukan Raksasa - She claims she's not a raksasa and yet she's a multiple personality disordered cookie monster. It'll be an interesting blogpost indeed.
  2. Chuck - Coz she's a Kpop Otaku disguised as a medical researcher. The combination of the two is simply mind boggling.
  3. Bawang - He's the Puaka from Patpong. Nuff said.
  4. Aimee - I am forced to include her. She's my baby sister.
  5. All followers and readers - the fact that you're reading my blog makes all of you beautiful to me.
Yikes, its now 2am. Told ya I'm a master procrastinator.


Silent Scribbler said...

Wah, didn't know you like ANTM and project runway. I love both shows!!! :-) Which seasons are you favorites? I like Naima season (ANTM) and Jeffery & Christian season (project runway)

chuck said...

Your description make me lol Shan. Muka sayer panas. Apekah -__-'. Anyway..oh this is how people get the beautiful blogger award? Interesting. ;)

chuck said...

Ohhh I like the cougar part too!! Totally reminds me of my...err..the other person that I know. She is much worse. Habis budak2 comel dier hentam. XP

Narcoleptic Insomniac said...

Kak Aisyah: LoL yeah... been a fan since God knows when. My fave season of ANTM would probably be the one with McKey as the winner as for Project Runway, I'm really into the current season. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Seth Aaron.

Chuck: Hehe cougar eh? Now are we thinking about the same person here? :P

Encik Puaka said...

whoa!! kite ade persamaaaaaaaan lagi!

antm rocks!!

season 2 is my all time favret! shandi, april, mercedes, yoanna. OH LORD!
dan saya suka the twins. amanda michelle.
dan saya sangat suka project runway 1st batch.
kate dorang yang menang tuh cam saya,.hehe.


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