Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Twisty McAnkle Draws Blood

Kuala Lumpur - After barely recovering from her previous encounter with Twisty McAnkle, the university lecturer known as Miss S is now at home tending to her injuries from her latest encounter with Twisty McAnkle.

"He came out of nowhere. I didnt even have time to react."

Twisty McAnkle's violent attack has left Miss S with a swollen left ankle, a bloody right knee and a wounded pride. She now walks with an unsightly hobble.

Several neighbours from block 6 of Apartment Kenari were the main witnesses to this attack and despite the severity of her injuries Miss S was left to fend for herself. When asked if she was disappointed by their lack of concern, she answered;

"I'm just glad I wasn't wearing baju kurung. Imagine what would happen if I fell in front of them and exposed myself. I'll have to move. Do you know how hard it is to find good, affordable apartments nowadays?"

Twisty has again managed to evade capture. The authorities are issuing the same warning to be wary of uneven grounds, soft grassy areas, downhill slopes and in addition wobbly high heel shoes. For further protection against Twisty please have bandages, antiseptic and gauze at hand at all times.

When asked if she'd like to give a message to Twisty McAnkle, Miss S responded with non-committal shrug and said;

"No bother. He'll be back. He thinks we're BFFs."

Reported by: Miss Shan


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