Monday, December 28, 2009

Malay Girls = Cheap, Easy Sex??

Have you ever Google-imaged 'Malay girls + tudung' before? I did. All because I wanted a picture of a Malay girl wearing horrible looking tudung. Reasons for that shall be disclosed later. But other than the one that I needed, guess what pictures showed up instead?

Malay girls, wearing tudung and/or in baju kurung, snogging boys, giving BJ, flashing boobs/ panties/ whatever "goods" they may have.

Yikes! (o_O)

And these, my friends, are found with the SafeSearch Mode ON. So for the heck of it I decided to turn the SafeSearch Mode OFF and aiyaiyaiyaiyai... *jaw drops open* Pictures like these *points up* are nothing compared to those.

So is that how Malay girls are seen nowdays? Are Malay girls nothing more than a cheap f**k willing to do it with any guy anywhere? Based on the pictures it seems like it. And in the 21st century, sex-obsessed society, these pictures are God-send. They're proof that Malay girls are really are that desperate. And that "easy".

Dalam lift pun jadi ye, bang?

After discussing it with guy friends of various nationalities, it seems like most of them look at Malay girls as "easy" girls who'd do anything to be seen with a good looking guy especially if that guy is an International. Nationality of choice: Any country that produces Caucasian males. No Caucasians to be found? No problems, look for Arabs. Malay guys would be at the bottom of the list. I didn't say this, people. They did.

I have a European friend who dates solely Malay girls because of this. He gets them to do pretty much anything he wants. Money, transportation, entertainment etc. All are taken care off by these "girlfriends" of his. The only thing that sets him apart from a male escort is that he doesn't sleep with these girls. Or so he claims lah. But I'm sure that if he did take that step and ask those girls he dated to sleep with him, most would probably won't refuse. It's a sad fact but then it is what it is. A fact.

So what do we do? What action should we take?

Seriously, I don't even know myself. Preaching is no use. People have been doing it for years and things still went from bad to worse. Plus, preaching is so 1989. It doesn't work anymore in this day and age. But one step that I think could actually help is to QUIT TAKING PORNO PICS OF YOURSELVES!

It's your choice whether you plan on being the "easy" girl but if you plan on being a cheap lay then at least be a smart, cheap lay. Avoid anything that can be uploaded, downloaded or distributed. Spare us the gritty details of your hobbies. Avoid anything that can be used as hard-proof against you.

And please, please, for all that is good and pure, please don't wear the tudung if you're not ready . Nobody should force you. Do it only when you're absolutely ready and when you're certain that you'll respect all that the tudung represents. This is actually the main element that'll decide if you turn out like this:

Wearing a tudung doesn't mean looking drab. You can still be stylish. Just look at Yuna.

or like this:

This girl is confused in a thousand different ways.

Remember, it's your choice!


Sue Anna Joe said...

Babe, couldn't resist. Had to share the last photo in my blog. Have linked ya as well. :)

Weed and Bandages said...

komen sama seperti di blog Anna..segalanya mungkin.. hahah

Khaleeqa Idrus said...

Astaghfiruallahalazim. These sucky loonies are just embarrassing other Muslims as well as Islam.

tin kosong said...

malay girl = low class because of them~

Narcoleptic Insomniac said...

Anna Joe: Sila, sila. And thanks for the free publicity. I owe ya :D

Khaleeqa & Tin Kosong: Unfortunately, this is the reality of things right now *sigh*

Ninie Fairuz said...

so sad eh..dunno what to say la..but this is really a heartbreakin matter as a muslimah..hmmm..

aidajoe said...

what a shame!!!!wonder whats in their minds when wearing those 'tak cukup kain' attires wif they think that tudung is juz a new fashion dat they they cudnt affort not to try??!!sigh

Fatin Fauzi said...

that is why people keep saying "eleh pakai tudung pon kalau perangai tak baik nk buat ape, baik tak payah pakai"


uchna said...

me, as a malay girl,
malu plak tengok pictures camni.
ya Rabb..

Anonymous said...

elok sangatlah penulis blog ni buka pekung di dada sendiri lepas tu curi gambar org lain buat cerita mcm2...selamt berjaya

optimist said...

mungkin yang dalam lift tu suami isteri kot... biarlah, kan halal tu.

Anonymous said...

Man i am agreeing with your every word.Last night i saw something like malay girl was having sex inside myvi(at night and on the car park) with her African boyfriend.Later i follow that car and found girl was dropping the boy in his hostel and the girl started to clean up with tissue paper.

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Anonymous said...

I'm a whiteman. Have been in KL for a long time. I can tell you malay girls are easy. Take them out, buy them some food or take them to cinema, after that you are guaranteed at least a blowjob. Much easier than chinese. And they are willing to try anything in bed.

I met malay girls who offered to bj me just because they wanted to see white cock.

Natalie said...

Let's not be racist here. Cheap and easy sex is not related to your nationality or race; it never was.

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