Sunday, December 27, 2009

FYI, it's called 'Bad Parenting'.

I seriously don't get it why certain parents just don't see that it is wrong to bring kids under the age 12 to a midnight movie. Haven't you heard of a fixed bedtime before? Even if it is the weekend during a school holiday do you seriously feel that kids that age should be up until 3am? And to think parents are complaining constantly about teenagers always staying up late or sneaking out at night. Who's fault do you think that is?

And does age restriction mean anything to you? Do you feel that a movie where soldiers blowing things up and women running around half naked is appropriate for children age 12 and under? Sure the ratings say PG13 but don't you as parents feel the need to at least check out how the movie is before you actually let your kids watch them. Movie trailers nowadays pretty much give away the whole plot but if you're still clueless on how the movie is gonna be like then take the safe alternative and DON'T BRING YOUR KIDS! Do you want them to turn out like this?

And what is up with parents who just doesn't get it that toddlers don't belong in a place that requires you to stay still for more than 15 minutes? And how could you even think that people would find it cute when your toddler would suddenly start kicking the back of other people's seat or start playing with other people's heads just because they're bored. It is not cute. It is annoying.

I repeat, A-N-N-O-Y-I-N-G.

Parents, please do me a favour and refrain from taking your kids to a grownup movie. There's plenty of age appropriate movies out there and I'm sure with those kind of movies grownups can't say a word when kids start screaming and run up and down the aisle. It is after all a kid's movie. And if you really want to watch a grownup movie, get a babysitter. If you can't find one then buy the DVD. At least at home when your kids start getting bored of the movie the only people that they'll annoy are their parents.


PuakaDariPatpong said...


bukan stakat wayang je.
kalau pgi uptown ke downtown ke,
bersepah anak2 kecik diiringi ibubabapa masing2,
kat bukit bintang pun sama, papa mama bershisha, anak2 sekola rendah ada di sisi.

bile besar, remaja2 tuh melepak malam2, kene maki.
makian2 tuh secara DIRECTNYA kena kat muka mereka (makbapak) sendiri, tapi dorang tak sdar plak.


Narcoleptic Insomniac said...

Betul, betul, betul. Apa la bawak bebudak to shisha joints? What are they supposed to do there? smoke sekali?

And also I want to add about parents yang tak reti nak jaga anak in restaurants. We don't appreciate having kids throwing food on the floor and screaming their lungs out while we're having dinner and trying to have a decent conversation. There's a reason why people created McDonalds!!

Don't they realise that kids get bored at grownup places?

J Shamsul said...

I remember when I was 12, I HATE the idea of bedtimes. I want to do what the grownup do. I want to stay late at night watching TV. I want to go for mindight show!

I hate my parents for leaving me at home with grandma while they go for their dinner thing.. or midnight shows...


Narcoleptic Insomniac said...

J Shamsul: Hehe, me too for that matter. All I wanted to do when I was 12 was to watch all to finish those RTM 2/ TV3 movies that continues after the midnight news. But of course kena halau masuk bilik by my dear mum.

But kudos to your parents for showing examples of good parenting. I'm guessing its because of that, that you have turned out as *to quote my dear old mum* 'manusia berjenis' :D


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