Thursday, December 31, 2009

Artiste No. 2: Scha Alyahya

Now I've never been a huge fan of Scha Alyahya but I am very much guilty of having the "fan poyo" syndrome, meaning that whenever I see an artiste or somebody famous I'd instantly want to have a picture with them or at the very least have them smile at me even though I don't like them. Yes, I know it's very the Over. So anyways, on the very same day I met Awal, Scha was there too. So of course I went into "fan poyo" overdrive. Picture with Awal was already taken care off now its her turn.

So there I was, trying to pluck up the nerve to approach her when suddenly a lady with a 5 year old girl approached and asked if she would mind taking a picture with her daughter.

Scha's response:

Takes a glance at the little girl, looks at her watch and says "Hmm... boleh je". She stood there, unsmiling, waiting for the little girl to come to her and immediately after the picture was taken sat down without another word to the girl nor the lady. This incident happened again several times afterwards with various fans. Haih Scha, couldn't you have been a little bit more friendlier? At least to that 5 year old.

Upon seeing her reaction my "fan poyo" syndrome was cured. At least with her. So no pictures with Scha. But to think positively regarding this matter, Scha was probably tired or something as she was there for shooting. I'm guessing it was for 'Awan Dania 2' as I saw Aida Aris walking around the area as well.

That's not all that happened though. Scha was there together with her posse which included a makeup artist and also a stylist. So the scenario was:
  1. the makeup artist touching up her makeup every 5 minutes. That's normal.
  2. the stylist carrying several costume changes for the drama. That's normal.
  3. Scha casually changing her shirt in an open restaurant, in public, in front of Awal Ashaari. NOT NORMAL!
Ever heard of a changing room, Scha?

Seriously, after the whole being-caught-during-a-police-raid episode you'd think that a person would lay low and try to create more positive press to even out all the bad press. But noo, she had to go undress in public. If she was to come up with an excuse trying to explain this matter it still doesn't justify the fact that she, a MUSLIM GIRL, brought up in a society that stresses on modesty decided to casually change in public. All I can say about this is...


Awal, are you seriously into these types of girls? Tolonglah, sila kahwin dengan saya!


chuck said...

OMG apakah ini perempuan. saya tak perasan part dier salin baju tu. Maybe sibuk melayan rojak buah sambil terkekek pasal mamat K-POP. Omo I should take a picture and jadi paparazzi hari tu ( kejam seeh ) hahha. But seriously what the? Toilet jauh sangat kut. or..kalau kene gi toilet nanti kene kepung ngan orang lain amik gambar. So, kiter tukar jelah baju depan Awal ( wait, she seriously do that?? Still csnnot believe). Aperkah

Narcoleptic Insomniac said...

Tu lah, I pun sayang didn't record the whole thing. If not boleh hantar to Melodi and dapat duit. Wakaka.

But seriously, takde perasaan malu ke apa perempuan ni? isk isk isk,

Zeti Zainal said...

ok Zeti is trying to be rational person (since when Zeti)..

Maybe she was wearing a spagetthi strap so that way it would be easier to change clothes.

But in another note, WTF lah wei. toilet is not that far away and i believe the whole entourage can jaga pintu toilet for her kan?

I used to like this girl sbb nmpk mcm agak lepak dan tak poyo but pfft! not anymore.

Narcoleptic Insomniac said...

Zeti: I'm guessing she did wear a spaghetti strap inside but still its the act of tukar baju depan orang lelaki in a public place. Adakah perempuan melayu berkelakuan begitu? Sangat takde adab. tsk, tsk, tsk. I pun dulu kinda suka dia. Now tak payah lah.

Ada lagi ke pelakon perempuan melayu zaman sekarang ni yg boleh direspek? Sedey tul.

Budak Pemalas said...

first time here. ;)

rasanya sebab tu takleh lama dgn FA. maybe. kalau dah macam tu jenis tak kesah nak tukar baju depan orang, taktau la apa lagi yang dia tak kesahkan bila di public.


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