Thursday, September 03, 2009

Whee... I've got WII

Introducing the latest addition to my gadget family. (drumroll)...


Okay, so granted it's not mine entirely. My lil sis, Kawaii Yuni, was the mastermind behind the purchase and all us other 3 siblings did was hand out whatever extra cash we had. So this lil baby will permanently reside in our lil home in Ipoh. So for dear friends who wish to try out the game, you are more than welcome to hang out with me in Ipoh :D

So is the game as fun as it hyped out to be? HECK YEAH!

  1. WII has been known to induce stomach cramps, cheek muscle strain and shortness of breath. All of these are side effects of excessive laughter. Peeing in pants may also occur. Ensure that the bathroom is within running distance of game area.
  2. New levels of dorkiness has risen after playing WII. Cool people who are severely conscious of their image and looks can just forget about playing WII. When you play WII your self image goes out the window. And with my innate penchant for over exageration and drama, I have proven to be the most idiotic dork among the 4 siblings. My sister has vowed to catch me on video and shame me to death on Youtube.
  3. Bruises and dizziness is also another side effect. This is due to overdramatic swinging of the WII joystick. For the record, I have hit my sister twice on the forehead and have bruised myself while playing tennis.
That aside, WII is the shiznit, y'all. I'm happy my family have WII.

Next family project: Get WII music. I need to give Yuni more Youtube ammo by showing the world that my brain loses all function when it comes to dancing.


HipHopLess said...
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HipHopLess said...

Freaking cool!!!! My PS3 can't do all that :(
I want one tooo!

Lishaznia said...

Haa... Jom lah kita ke Ipoh main WII :P But the downside of WII is that you need to constantly buy the gadgets to play all the games. So I'm setting aside a WII fund to cover the expenses. Heheh

Sue Anna Joe said...

What games did you get? We got this silly but addicting game called Cooking Mama, so comel!

Pastu adalah game memancing ikan, and that tembak-tembak hantu game, also uhhh Zelda. Berpeluh-peluh main.

Super fun stuff.

Thinking of getting another wii joystick (wachama call it?) sebab main tembak sorang-sorang tak best.

Lishaznia said...

I have cooking mama too. Syok giler main. I think the stirring movement in the game lagi dasyat daripada buat kuih betul. Lenguh tangan. And you ada tak this cute game where you need to potong rambut pokok? It's so friggin cute and childish but its my fave game so far. LoL

and I plan to buy a fishing game too coz cam best jer main memancing ikan.

As for other games we all dapat some Mario games (racing, adventure, tennis), Sims party, wolverine and resident evil.

Sue Anna Joe said...

Game potong rambut pokok sounds fun. What's the name? Nanti leh carik.

Hahh, baru I teringat, the name is nunchuck! That remote thing.

Another one I got is called Bully, I think. Ke apa tah, it's a cool game, where we get to be the bully in this boarding school, we can actually choose to help the nerds or be the bully. Siap tumbuk-tumbuk lagi with both hands, left and right, yah yah yah.

fynn jamal said...

masa beli psp tuari, ada wii. nak beli tu, tapi the financial controller ckp "nanti nak main ngan sape".

tp sepanjang tunggu setting psp itu, tak sedar dah 3 hours playing wii. shit.

siapa ada kesempatan, SILA BELI.

Lishaznia said...

Game potong rambut is Bonsai Barber. Syok woo and guarantee gelak cam nak mati. Sian satu pokok tu I ter-botak kan kepala dia :P Intan, nanti jomlah kita lawan main WII. Hehe

Fynn: WII memang addictive kan? But PSP pun syok gak. There's this game on PSP yang comel giler. Character dia bulat2 cam belon. I main sampai senget2 badan.

erm said... taiko no tatsujin with taiko set

if time turn...better buy something yang less movement....letih giler main wii

Lishaznia said...

at a time when everybody is simply too lazy to get up and exercise (points to self)WII shall be the saviour :P

Family project no. 2: Get WII Fit. Hehe


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