Wednesday, September 09, 2009

And music shall feed you...

Dear Random Acts Kuala Lumpur, try doing this and see how the Malaysian McD crew will react. My bet is that all of them will go all shy shy cat and start giggling non-stop. But who knows maybe there'll be a sporting one like the lady in the vid.

Info: This is a video from Family Life Education Pasefika (FLEP). FLEP is a pacific health organisation based in Auckland, New Zealand. FLEP uses various media including music, drama, dance and arts to enhance dialogue with Pacific communities with which they work. FLEP works in intermediate, secondary & tertiary institutions promoting a positive view of sexual health & well being.

"Random Acts, Island Styles" is their newest project whereby they perform random acts of drama & music out and about in the community.

"We hope you enjoy our singing McDonalds order, subscribe (Youtube) to follow our upcoming random adventures! Lol" - FLEP

All "Random Acts" concepts are developed and performed by the FLEP educators.

For more information on FLEP please visit

p.s. Apparently some Malaysians gave this a go at one of the local McDonalds. And as I predicted the girl at the counter went all shy shy cat and was cowering with embarrassment. So I guess I win that bet with myself :P Would've posted up the video on here but it's only available through Facebook. So check out the link to see if they did a good job.


zuliana_me said...

I really like this one..
I joined Drama Club during my primary school & we did almost the same thing.
It was during school morning assembly, when all the students were sitting on the floor waiting for the speech, we suddenly stood up 1 by 1 at different places(either saying a line/ sang)
I sang "itik gembor2x"...

People were shocked & laughed when the 1st guy suddenly stood up & sang. (they might thought him crazy..)
They gave us a big applause after we done & we felt great as we made their day as well as ours.

Narcoleptic Insomniac said...

That is so cool!! I wish I had the guts to do that during an assembly. And kudos to you for making assembly fun.

You know some guys actually did the whole singing order thing here but its not on Youtube so I cant embed it here. But you can check it out on Facebook

zuliana_me said...

Haha...thx. I just watched the video on facebook. Those guys were so cool. I dun think I have the gut to do that now.. even if I do, I dun think I have those crazy frens who would do it with me. I was brave & outgoing when I was younger but I've changed a lot now. I wish I can be that "me" again.hehe..
Btw, I like ur blog.

Narcoleptic Insomniac said...

Aww... i'm sure the 'old' you is in there somewhere. All you need is some crazy friends who'll bring her back out again :P

But yeah, even I myself will probably be too chicken to do something like that hence I respect people who's brave enough. I call myself 'groupie girl' coz I'll be the one cheering loudly at the back but wont be the one doing anything. hehe

And thank you, I'm really glad that you like my blog. Feel free to drop by anytime :)


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