Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Smoky ain't shy... Smoky's flye.

I'm guessing he felt bad for jilting me mid-photo for a scrawny squirrel yesterday so he came back to make it up to me. Either that or he read my blog, found out that I have a fat hamster and thought "Yum... dinner."

So that's him folks. Smoky the cat. Yes, I know the picture quality is whacked but that's as great of a picture that I can get from my ancient phone. But still, you can't deny that this cat got looks. And I may have misjudged the penyet-ness of his nose. Hidung mancung rupa-rupanya. But his fur... memang macam penyapu.

Now, Smoky has never been too friendly so it was weird when he allowed me to go all googly-goo over him. So after 10 minutes of horrible baby talk going "youshocuuutee" and "handshumboy" and "shoadorable", he couldn't take it anymore and revealed his true intentions.

See!! Told ya he read my blog!! And my poor, brainless hamster never having seen a cat before actually pranced around the cage all fat and tempting. Thank goodness she was in a cage. If not, bubye Aelis.

This is a look of a cat who couldn't understand why he can't play or eat the fat rodent. All attempts of trying to pry the cage open to get to the hamster ended up with him having his paws swatted. Aelis the hamster may be as interesting as watching your nails grow but she has grown on me. I like Aelis the hamster. Plus, I didn't want a massacre happening in my living room. So since the hamster was off limits, there was nothing left of interest to him and therefore he left the house to look for his luverly laydies.

So there you go, you've met all members of the 'Kenari Pride'. There's more actually but they love to hang out in the other blocks and I just can't be bothered to chase after each and every one of them for a pic.

Watch this space for more interesting going ons from the 'Kenari Pride'.


chuck said...

I think I'm going one of the "Kenari Pride" fangirls. X-P. This cats got attitude!! Kyaaa..

Zetty said...


Narcoleptic Insomniac said...

Chuck: I think I may have enough followers to open up a 'Kenari Pride' fanclub now. You jadi my vice-president nak? Hehehe

Zett: Hahaha... yeah I sound like that too when Smoky's around.


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