Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Shisha and I

I seriously don't know what made me do it. Me smoking shisha!! For somebody who finds cigarettes disgusting I'm totally at ease with smoking shisha. I had strawberry flavour.And it was kinda nice. I'd definitely do it again. Maybe next tme I'd try some other flavours. Chocolate sounds cool ;P

Difference between ciggies and shisha... you can't carry it around with you. So there's no chance of me getting addicted. Unless I somehow manage to procure myself a car (which is not anytime soon) and go to the shisha place every night. Thank god that place is hard to get to. And according to my shisha buddies who are experts on this subject, good shisha places are hard to find. Ironically the bad shisha places are run by arabs who brought this stuff to Malaysia in the first place.

I guess I kinda understand why some people love to smoke so much. There's somewhat a satisfaction when you exhale all that smoke out. For me I kinda also get energised afterwards. I'm actually typing this after my very first stint with the shisha. Woohoo!
But this is as close as I will get to smoking. I just can stand ciggie smoke. They stink. And then you end up stinking afterwards. If only everybody quit ciggie smoking and start taking up shisha. I think the world would be a better place. If not... at least there'll be less ciggie butts lying around everywhere.

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