Thursday, July 26, 2007

Full Speed Ahead!!

Somehow I managed to get myself involved in theater stuff again. As if I havent had enough on my plate already. I'm holding two jobs, supposed to be doing my thesis and now I have to take care of a group of international students who are gonna act in a musical play (of all things!) at Istana Budaya. Not only that, the same play also wants me to act! (but as an extra only lorr...) I seriously don't know what have I gotten myself into!

My body has been screaming that I've been going at warp speed lately and today it refused to cooperate with me. So what did I do the whole day? Sleeping. God... what an embarassment. Yeap, I slept the whole day. Sorry Dr F. (Yeah... I kinda promised her that I'd do something for her but unfortunately I couldn't wake up at all this morning). Guess she wont be asking me any more favours after this. Hate letting people down.

I think I even got Sarah all worried. She thinks I'm pissed at her for something which I totally am not. God... I think I'm a workaholic. Or an aspiring one. I'll probably have zero social life when I actually have a permanent job. God... I hope not.

My body still refuses to cooperate with me. So I guess I better take this as a sign and lock myself in my room and start doing my proposal (OMG deadline is so close!!). All that other work can wait... I guess *biting nails*.

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