Friday, July 13, 2007


Wanna talk about having a crappy day? Don't... coz right now I wanna rant about a crappy week. A week of crappiness that surpasses all other crappy weeks of crappiness. I'm facing crap and I feel like crap and right now all I wanna do is beat the crap out of a person who gave my friend, whom I truly love and cherish, a whole load of crap.

My friend was raped.


If there was ever a time for me to truly hate men, this would definitely be it. Only a man can ever truly inflict this kind of pain to another human being. HOW CAN YOU RAPE PEOPLE!!?? HOW CAN YOU VIOLATE ANOTHER HUMAN BEING!!??

All I feel is anger. And helplessness. I can't do anything. I feel useless.I can't help her.

You know when they say that sometimes when something truly bad happens... it changes a person. Thats what happened. I have changed... But most importantly she has changed... I no longer her old self. She is right now a shell of the person that she used to be. I hate that man for making her like this. I hate him with with the very core of my being. And I swear that someday I shall bring him down.


"Hell hath no wrath than a woman scorned..."

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