Friday, July 27, 2007


After years of being here in IIU I am finally thrown into the international students social scene. What an irony.

Yeah... when I was in undergraduate I guess I was so wrapped up in my own world and biasness that I never really gave these people a chance. To me back then... they were all the same. Stuck up and prejudiced. When in reality I was the one with the prejudices.

Though it didn't help matters much when they too had their own prejudices against me. These people tend to see me in my baju kurung and my tudung bawal and instantly dismiss me as another typical malay girl. Of course I was offended. The way I dress don't define me. I never describe myself as typical and we English lit majors always pride ourselves of being non-typical. To us typical is a swear word.

I've grown up though.

Old prejudices slowly disintegrating.

New comprehensions dawning.

It's cool. I guess the best things out of this are new friends. Being with new people. Learning, knowing and understanding new things. It's nice to give each other a chance.

So goodbye prejudice... hope you never come back.

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