Saturday, February 04, 2006

Whose fault is it?

Everybody's definition of a relationship is as unique as every other person in this planet. So I dont think one has the right to critisize another person's actions and what they do with their life. But you just cant help it sometimes? You just feel like shaking that person and saying what were you thinking!? Especially when that idiot just doesn't realise that it was their fault that the relationship ended.

Most people demand tolerance and understanding in from their loved ones but do they ever think whether they've been handing out the same things that they've been demanding? So when the relationship fails whose fault is it then? Sometimes it pisses me off that people are in denial of their own faults. It's like that Malay saying "You can spots germs from way across the sea and yet you dont see the elephant right in front of your nose."(translated)

I'm a believer that honesty is best when given at sparingly. There are things that are best not mentioned to anyone even those whom you claim is your soulmate. My philosophy: Sin of ommission is never as bad as sin of commission. But that's not the same as lying. Just for your own pleasure why would you lie to the people you love? The only thing it's gonna bring about is just hurt and mistrust. So why lie?

But hey... it's ur life so who am I to say anything. All he best to you mate!

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