Saturday, February 04, 2006

Me Kittens!!

I've always been a cat lover. I think I was one even before I was born. That I have my dad to thank coz he was a cat lover too. There's a picture of me as a wee baby holding on to a cat. I can't help it... I think they're fantastic creatures. The Egyptians wouldn't have worshipped them if they weren't. They're so regal. I seriously wonder how can some people be afraid of cats. It's not like they're tigers or anything. OOooohhh... I want a tiger. A beautiful white bengal tiger for a pet. Yeah... dream on! Gotta make do with cats then.

Right now I am taking care of one sexy momma cat and 3 boisterous and extremely hyper active kittens who are way too large for their age. The mess is unbelieveable! (yes that includes doo doos and wee wees and cathair all over the room). But I'm used to it. Sure its icky but hey it comes with the job. It can't beat having them look at you with those beautifl eyes. I LOVE CATS!!

Momma's name is Maru (courtesy of Adry) and she's one protective momma. How can cats know to protect their kids at all costs and we human beings throw away babies just like that? Does that mean that we're lower than cats? Hmm... you know sometimes I think that most of us are.

And these are her three kittens whom Sarah managed to stop for a potrait. Usually these tykes would be running across the rooms that they're usually a blur. Sardines a boy while the other two are girls. Sardines has bad breath hence the name. Curly was supposed to be called Oinker but nah... she deserves something with a little more dignity. While the last is Tripod (no, she does not have 3 legs). Tripod is feline version of a dalmation and has 3 aligned spots on one side of her body hence the name.

Sardines the fatty cat with bad breath. Still thinking on how to brush his teeth.

Feline Dalmation

Curly in her Cute mode

Actually one of the reasons that I'm posting this is because they need good homes. There's only so much I can do for them. They have a home while I'm on campus but when I'm not they're gonna have a terrible time surviving since they're used to catfood handed to them whenever they're hungry. I can't take them home since I live all the way in Ipoh and have no transport to bring them back. They may be strays but they're well cared for and they're sweet creatures and I have managed to house train them to an extent so if there's anybody out there willing to take them just leave a message and I'll try to contact you. Maru can probably survive if left during the hols but the kittens will probably not. If there's anyone out there who can help please don't hesitate to contact me.

I don't know why I never learn. This has happened before and I still feel guilty for taking cats in and then abandoning them. I'm sooo sorry Momot, Boy, and Lucky. *sigh* I jut love cats too much...

Boy at the prime of his life

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