Sunday, February 26, 2006

Bad start?

A friend of mine had commented that I've had a really bad start this new year, come to think of it I may have. But, to me I wouldn't say that it was a bad start. Sure not everybody opens the year with 2 computers banging up but other than that my life has been pretty uneventful. In fact, it adds a litle excitement to my other wise typical and boring life. I mean all I do every single day is wake up, go to class, come back, do assignments and the internet is my best friend. Not exactly the kind of life I thought I'd lead once I'm a masters. My boyfriend is busy and most of my friends are all graduated so that just leaves me and the internet (which lets me down every once in a while- so I cant really depend on it to keep me company either). God I don't have a life!!!

Oh yeah, I just received news that my kitens were taken away by people. I dont know where to and I dont even want to contemplate. Luckily the mom (Maru) is still around so it's not too lonely. But the room is quieter now. I miss them trying to tear up everything in the room. *sob* My theory on their disappearance is that there's some people who are jealous that they dont want to play with them and want to play with me instead. So they call up these people just to spite me. Seriously what have they done to you? They dont poop and pee in your room, I've potty trained them to do it outside and they're not destructive (only to my stuff). *sigh* And to think I promised Sardines to my auntie. It's sad that they're gone but this has happened to me before. So I guess I'm a little immune.

So would I say that I've had a bad year so far? Well, maybe, but I dont want to dwell on the negative. It's just too depressing. It's so much better to concentrate on the better things to come. My computer is up and running. There's still a few snag I want to smooth out but it's not too major that it need immediate attention. And I'm flush again so no worries about money. I just cant wait for the semester to be over and have my well-deserved rest.

And the thought that after struggling for my Masters I shall someday have my own place and no one then can tell me what I should and shouldn't do (though I know mom is gonna try her hardest). Till that day comes... I shall toil away.

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